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NCSS Programme 1950

26 April

Organising a Show - Mr R I McKay

23 May

Jekyll and Hyde Cactus - The Romance of the Prickly Pear - Mr G D Rowley

10 June

Annual Excursion to Kew

21 June

Succulent Portulacaceae - Mr R S Byles

18 July

Flowering your Cacti - Mr A Boarder

20 September

Greenhouse Heating - Mr Winch

24 October

Methods of Propagation - Mr D Brett

22 November

Cactus Colour Photographs - Dr E Elkan
and Mr H M Roan discussed branch activities

4 December

Brains Trust with Mr G D Rowley and Mr R S Byles

Charity No 290786 – a charity registered in England and Wales